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An International Team That Has Been In Your Shoes

Proactive, energetic, thoughtful and enthusiastic, we offer you peace of mind that will outlive our engagement

Meet Our Leadership Team

Simon Wise


Simon Wise brings over 25 years of expertise in project and program management and strategic consulting. His extensive experience spans various industry verticals, including banking, insurance, telecoms, government, e-commerce, and consulting.

Based in Europe, Simon has a strong track record of delivering successful projects and providing strategic guidance. He has not only excelled in EU-based initiatives but has also accumulated a wealth of work experience across diverse global markets, including North America (NA) and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions. Connect with Simon on LinkedIn to learn more about his career and accomplishments.

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David Allison


With a remarkable career spanning 25 years, David Allison is an expert in project and program management and strategic consulting. His impressive portfolio extends across diverse industry verticals, including retail and investment banking, eCommerce, utilities, and consulting.

David is based in Europe but has extensive hands-on experience in North America (NA) and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions. His global perspective and knowledge make him valuable in delivering successful projects and strategic insights.

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Michael Oliver


Michael Oliver is a distinguished director with 25 years of experience in project and program management. His extensive expertise encompasses diverse verticals, including retail and investment banking, digital transformation, and strategic consulting, with a notable focus on organisational change. Although based in Europe, Michael has honed his skills through extensive global delivery experience. Recognised for his innovative problem-solving and strategic insights, Michael consistently guides organisations to overcome challenges and achieve their transformation goals. His commitment to excellence and client-focused approach has earned him a reputation as a trusted leader in navigating complex business landscapes, ensuring sustainable success. 

Paul Maffie TRansparent Background.png

Paul Maffia


Paul Maffia, a highly accomplished director, brings an impressive 25 years of expertise in project and technology management to the forefront. His extensive experience spans multiple sectors, including retail, telecoms, transport, and consulting. Based in the United States, Paul has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive success across diverse industry landscapes. With a client-centric approach, he excels in translating complex technological advancements into practical, impactful solutions. Paul's leadership is characterised by his exceptional strategic vision, meticulous project execution, and unwavering commitment to delivering optimal client results. He remains at the forefront of technological innovation, positioning businesses for sustained growth and prosperity. 

Andrew - Transparent bground.png

Andrew Fox


Andrew Fox is a results-driven director with a decade of experience in project and program management. His expertise spans pharmaceuticals, fintech, healthcare, and consulting. Based in Europe, Andrew has led numerous successful projects in these verticals, consistently delivering strategic value. He is renowned for his meticulous planning, cross-functional collaboration, and ability to navigate complex regulatory environments. Andrew's keen insights and leadership have positioned him as a trusted partner in driving business success. With a client-focused approach, he remains committed to achieving tangible, transformative outcomes in every endeavour. 

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Why Karumba Consulting?

We embody the ideal traits of a blue-chip consultant. Regardless of your technology challenges, trust our teams to effectively manage the program, maintain momentum, and coordinate seamless change across your organisation.


We specialise in bridging the gap between your leadership and delivery teams, seamlessly connecting all departments and stakeholders and addressing any roadblocks

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